Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Yes, I accept this challenge. Inspiring films by women directors – new and classic. Just in time for summer viewing!


Red Hair and Freckles

I get lost surfing Youtube and its treasure trove of vaudeville sketches and players. It’s a treat to see these stage acts like this one recorded, even though it’s clear the experience doesn’t completely translate to film. Of course, I have to cop to a bias with these guys. Their first number is a charmer called “Red Hair and Freckles”. What a brilliantly inspired song! Naturally, I had to hunt down a copy of the sheet music for this. You bet I did not rest until I found it – and the original 1929 version arranged for ukulele!

Sheet music published in 1929  for "Red Hair and Freckles"
Sheet music published in 1929 for “Red Hair and Freckles”

Thank god for hoarders.