Copper Moll Productions brings bold works by women to the stage and screen. We are especially moved by stories of unconventional women, as shared by such ladies.

This is me.
This is me.

Hi. I’m Jen. I am the Chief Moll here at Copper Moll Productions. I like to make art and stuff. While performing is my main jam, I also write plays and take photos, play the ukulele and sew little handbags. I make all kinds of mistakes in the kitchen, and at the sewing table, and behind the tripod…and I learn from it. The most exciting stuff comes from fixing mistakes and working around imperfections, from pushing through fear and past blocks and tripping outside of the comfort zone.

Copper Moll Productions is my play lab, where I follow my inspirations until they flash over into being. Where idea meets dimension and weight. Where dreams escape and becomes words and color and rhythm and form. This is where I make my stuff. And if my experiments entertain you, all the better.



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