The Mathematics of Literature

Hearing that one of my short plays is going to be produced locally sent me into a validation-inspired frenzy to get something else going. So as I am taking a wee break from tidying up a full length play, simultaneously proud and insecure, I slam into this fascinating article from the Scientific American: Great Literature Is Surprisingly Arithmetic.

It reports the finding that most great stories follow mathematically similar plots – and that there are 6 identifiable arcs. According to the number crunchers, the data shows that 85% of great stories they analyzed fell into one of recognizable 6 patterns. (They’ve got graphs and everything! Check it out!)

I feel strangely comforted by the compact symmetry provided by  this study. If there are only 6 good ways to tell a story, I don’t have to worry about the plot arcs in my oeuver seeming obvious or derivative.

Sidebar: Math + Literature hooking up is as compelling as a Capulet falling for a Montague. Except, you know, with happier results.




Here we go again, #hff16!

It’s Fringe season in Hollywood, so Copper Moll Productions is premiering a new solo show!

Aurora and Larry sq2

This one woman play with music explores the life trajectory of two kids raised on a cosmic hippy commune in the seventies. The interpersonal politics are also sparked by global (and possibly intergalactic) events that require a mid-life reckoning.  Stay tuned to this blog for more pictures and updates as we put the show together. You can find out more on the Fringe page for the show. And/or follow along on the Facebook page for news & ticket information. (Give us a like there, won’t you?)

And even if singing, swinging hippies aren’t your thing, check out the Fringe anyway! Come June, theatre row in Hollywood is lousy with all manner of thespians and their enablers. There is something for every kind of weirdo, no matter your taste. It’s just good, cheap, live entertainment. Check out the Hollywood Fringe Festival website to see what’s on offer. You’ll be spoiled for choice.

First Fringe, First Thoughts

I would have thought that by this date, Copper Moll Production’s first Fringe experience would be done and dusted. At this point, I expected to be basking in the glory of a triumphant inaugural production, full of insight and perspective and wisdom. ‘Tis not the case.

No, although the official Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015 has concluded, the Best-Of’s and Encores are now running. And “The Last Known Recording of the Lovely Lenore Sisters” was a recipient of the Encore! Producers’ Award. As of this writing, there are two encore performances left.

So surprised. So grateful. So very much in awe of the caliber of this Fringe and the other Encore-granted shows.

It was a whirlwind of bold and brilliant artists, so many passionate weirdos to connect with (and some old comrades to reconnect with too). There were wonderfully inspired offerings and brave experiments. Maybe a few productions weren’t entirely polished, but everything I saw was a risk, a gamble, a lesson in raw vulnerability.

While I am still processing what we achieved artistically with “The Last Known Recording of the Lovely Lenore Sisters”, I know that I have never worked harder. I have never taken more risks, artistically or personally. This production has been the most challenging thing I have ever taken on. Ever.

And I have so many ideas for next year.

For now though, I’ve still got the Lenore Sisters. If you live in Los Angeles, I’d love to share their story with you.

Encore Flier, Fringe 2015